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Amazing Spots

Find the best spots in your area.

spots.FPV shows you the best locations to fly freestyle or race your miniquad. Find amazing new spots and see whats going on over there.


Me here, dude.

A blue radius indicates that someone is currently flying at this spot. Join others and get connected with your local miniquad crew.


Help others have fun.

Post your favourite spots and help others in your area to find your personal favourite locations. And who knows, maybe next time you find your stuffy neighbour ripping balls next to you!

You’re the designer.

Help us grow this project into a community.

We need any sorts of feedback, critique and feature requests to become more than just a spot-finding companion, but a real community for pilots who want to explore the world through the eyes of a gap-searching electronical eagle. Send us your ideas and help forming the next big thing in FPV.

No monkeys.

If you give peanuts, you get monkeys. We don’t want spots.FPV to be the monkey in the room. Nonetheless this project takes us a lot of time.

If you appreciate our work and want us to continue making the app bigger and better, we would highly appreciate a small donation from you.



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